2016 Events

Practice at the Court of International Trade, November 14, 2016 - Speaker: Judge Mark A. Barnett

The Tenth International Trade and Investment Law Society Program and Distinguished Alumni Dinner, including a two-panel event on Zeroing in Anti-Dumping Investigations, and on Potential Expiration of China’s Non-Market Economy Status (April 14, 2016), organized by ITILS in collaboration with TID.

XXIV Meeting of the Trade Policy Experts Group (March 15, 2016), organized by the ABCI and TID. Keynote speaker: Mr. Joakim Reiter, Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD.

Trade Remedies in Canada: A Comparison with the United States (February 25, 2016), Presented by the Trade, Investment and Development Program (TID)

The Future of International Trade and Investment Law: A Discussion of Recent Developments and Opportunities for Legal Professionals (February 13, 2016), Presented by ITILS and the Trade, Investment and Development Program (TID).

ISDS in TTIP: A Discussion on the Appelate Body Mechanism in International Arbitration (January 28, 2016), Presented by ITILS, Center on International Commercial Arbitration, and Program on Trade, Investment and Development (TID).