National Security and AI

Artificial intelligence, broadly defined, is transforming the world before our eyes. AI is integral to the technological revolution the world is experiencing.  There are few industries left untouched by its advances. The US Government’s national security apparatus, and the Intelligence Community (IC) in particular, must move quickly to adapt to the new technological world order. The alternative, an IC that is outdated, ineffective and outmatched by our adversaries, will impede our ability to anticipate and warn of threats to our Nation’s security. 

Multiple government commissions, legislators, private sector studies, and international task forces, among others, have, and continue to, put out hundreds of thoughtful recommendations as to how the United States can best take advantage of the opportunities, and protect against the risks, brought by AI.  This project seeks to build on and operationalize several of the most impactful recommendations by tackling issues related to budget, acquisition, risk assessments, and oversight, which are foundational to the IC’s ability to quickly and effectively engage with the private sector to harness innovation.  This project will identify, prioritize, and develop thoughtful, realistic, clear-eyed proposals about how the government must adapt those areas so that the U.S. national security community in general, and the IC in particular, can take advantage of technological advancements in real time while protecting against the advances of its adversaries.

Over the coming year, this project will produce and prioritize budget and acquisition actions and guidance, create a risk-assessment framework, and recommend congressional oversight options that will support the Intelligence Community in taking full advantage of artificial intelligence and other new technologies for the benefit of the nation.  As necessary, we will consider questions related to leadership, talent, bureaucracy, culture, private sector engagement, and ethics, among other topics.

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