Richard Salgado

Rick Salgado

Principle Member, Salgado Strategies LLC

Richard Salgado is the Principal Member of Salgado Strategies LLC, a consulting organization providing strategic guidance to organizations navigating the complex geopolitical, cybersecurity, and surveillance environment in which they operate.  He is also a Senior Consultant to the United Nations.  An expert in intelligence, law enforcement and cyber security issues, Richard has more than 30 years of experience serving in government, the private sector, and academia. 

Richard is a Lecturer at Law at Stanford Law School, where he teaches a seminar class Modern Surveillance Law  He previously taught classes on Internet Business Legal and Policy Issues, and Computer Crime.

Richard served as Google's Director of Law Enforcement & Information Security for over 13 years.  Richard oversaw Google's response worldwide to national security and law enforcement demands for data and assistance, and legal matters relating to cyber and physical security, information sharing and investigations involving serious crime on the platforms, among other duties.  Richard served as a subject matter expert representing Google externally, including by testifying before the US Congress numerous times on significant issues of public policy, law and Company practice including foreign information operations, election security, extremist content, and government surveillance.  Richard managed multiple teams consisting of counsel, investigators and legal specialists.

Richard was with Yahoo! before joining Google, focusing on international security and law enforcement compliance work.  He also served as senior counsel in the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the US Department of Justice.  As a federal prosecutor, Richard specialized in investigating and prosecuting computer network cases.  Richard also worked as a trial lawyer with Cooley Godward.  Richard previously served as an adjunct law professor at Georgetown University Law Center and George Mason Law School, and as a faculty member of the National Judicial College.  Richard received his JD from Yale Law School.