Below is a carefully curated list of opportunities for students interested in having a career in Tech, Law & Security. Feel free to contact us at techlawsec@wcl.american.edu.

Law Externship | Internship, Office of Data Privacy - New York City Department of Social Services (DSS)

DSS’s Office of Legal Affairs is seeking a law school student to work as an intern in its Office of Data Privacy during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. The intern will work closely with the agency’s Chief Data Privacy Officer providing support by performing legal research and drafting various legal documents. The intern will have the opportunity to appear at conferences and take part in meetings. The Office of Data Privacy provides agency-wide legal counsel and consultative services on issues related to privacy and works in tandem with other New York City agencies as well as with the Mayor’s Office. Applicants should email Lauren Friedland, Esq. at friedlandl@dss.nyc.gov for more information.

Senior Researcher - AU WCL Tech, Law & Security (TLS) Program

The Senior Researcher’s primary responsibility will be to conduct and coordinate the research, writing, communication, and engagement tasks involved with developing actionable, practical recommendations for how to address European Union concerns about how the U.S. protects privacy in the context of national security activities. Under the guidance of the TLS Senior Project Lead, the Senior Researcher will conduct research and writing as well as coordinate the work of student research assistants assigned to the project. The Senior Researcher will also provide research and related support to other Tech, Law & Security (TLS) Program projects as needed.

Investigator, Extremism Funding - Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

The Investigator, Extremism Funding will be responsible for tracking, researching, and analyzing developments related to the funding and financing of extremist movements, groups and activities. This includes – but is not limited to – monitoring flow of funds across existing and emergent mechanisms (including cryptocurrency) and understanding where and how extremist movements raise money. Working closely with COE experts, the Analyst will develop and report findings to relevant agency staff and external partners and participate in planning and carrying out responses to research findings.

Senior Program Manager, Responsible AI - Microsoft

The area of focus for this role will be to support Sensitive Uses program management, governance, and policy processes for the responsible development and deployment of AI systems? You will research, define requirements, evaluate use cases, develop strategic initiatives, manage internal programs, and socialize policies that support Microsoft’s ability to develop and deploy AI systems safely and responsibly? You will also work with strategic Microsoft partners developing and deploying next-generation AI technologies.

Senior National Security Official seeking a part-time research assistant

A former senior national security official based in Washington DC writes articles on national security, technology and privacy, and is seeking a part-time research assistant to work on occasional assignments. If those topics appeal to you, you enjoy intellectual challenges, and are a good and careful writer, then this may be a great opportunity, and might expand your knowledge and contacts. Someone who likes thinking about creative ways to explain complex public policy issues and has a knack for finding interesting and revealing statistics or other facts would be ideal.  Research will be almost entirely internet-based; can largely accommodate your schedule, and will average 10 - 15 hours/month (more if you want); can start now or in the Fall semester.  Pay is $25/hour. For further information, contact TLS at nat.sec.research2@gmail.com.

Program Specialist, ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security

ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security is seeking a Program Specialist to work with the Director and the full National Security Law Committee to plan, execute and produce programs and events. Description below.  In addition to applying online, please send resumes to holly.mcmahon@americanbar.org

Center for a New American Security (CNAS): Fellow/Associate Fellow

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) seeks to hire a Fellow/Associate Fellow for its Technology and National Security Program. Ideal candidates will have experience in research and/or policy development at the intersection of technology and national security and an interest in U.S. technology competitiveness and policy. Policy-relevant knowledge and expertise in strategic technologies, such as semiconductors/microelectronics, artificial intelligence, information and communications technology, cybersecurity, or digital infrastructure, is preferred.

ABA: internship Opportunities

The Standing Committee on Law and National Security conducts studies, sponsors programs and conferences, and administers working groups on law and national security related issues. The committee's activities are designed to assist policymakers, to educate lawyers, the media and the public, and to enable the committee to make recommendations to the American Bar Association governing body.

The standing committee provides research and advice on such subjects as: the congressional role in intelligence oversight, the legal system's ability to cope with transnational terrorism, the promotion of the rule of law in the intelligence and law enforcement communities, operations international law in the conduct of the military, and the role of law in preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Interns provide research in support of Committee initiatives. Strong writing skills required. 

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