Prof. Sean Flynn Publishes World Intellectual Property Day Post for Education International

April 27, 2022

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Prof. Sean Flynn

PIJIP Director Sean Flynn wrote a World IP Day post for Education International arguing that copyright exceptions for education and research are essential for youth to learn and develop.  He writes:

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day is being dedicated to the theme of youth empowerment. The focus is on recognition of the role of youth “stepping up to innovation challenges, using their energy and ingenuity, their curiosity and creativity to steer a course towards a better future.” Intellectual property exclusive rights may play some role in rewarding the innovative activities of youth. But more often, intellectual property exclusive rights may work in the other direction – posing a barrier to access and use protected materials that youth need to learn, innovate, and develop. This one reason why our attention to intellectual property on this day must include the limitations of and exceptions to intellectual property as well.

For the full post on Education International's website.