Prof. Sean Flynn and University of South Carolina Professor Dick Kawooya Submit Comments to Nigerian Copyright Office

October 12, 2021

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Profs. Flynn and Kawooya

PIJIP Director Sean Flynn and University of South Carolina Professor recently submitted comments to the Nigerian Consultation for its Copyright Amendments Bill. The Bill includes an open fair dealing exception to copyright, which Flynn and Kawooya support.

The professors write in their submission: "We present some of our research findings from PIJIP’s Project on the Right to Research in International Copyright relating to the importance of flexibility in copyright law to permit text and data mining (“TDM”). TDM is a critical element of numerous machine learning and “artificial intelligence” intelligence applications. Our research supports the adoption of the proposed open fair dealing exception for “research.” Our research also supports consideration of an additional specific exception for uses of works in TDM to supplement the proposed general fair dealing exception."

Click here for Flynn and Kawooya's full submission to the Nigerian Copyright Commission.