New Paper by PIJIP Senior Analyst Andrés Izquierdo on Copyright  and Artificial Intelligence

January 14, 2022

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Andrés Izquierdo

Andrés Izquierdo's paper "Text and Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence: New Exceptions to Copyright Law," has been published in the journal THEMIS-Revista de Derecho. The abstract (in English) and a link to the full article (in Spanish) are below. Izquierdo is PIJIP's Senior Research Analyst for our project on the Right to Research in International Copyright.

Abstract: There is growing attention and discussion on how national laws or international agreements should allow or prevent the fundamental right to research through text and data mining (TDM). This article examines how copyright laws are beginning to regulate the subject matter. The analysis indicates the standards adopted or used to regulate text and data mining vary in their content and purpose from one country to another, which begins to generate a varied, inadequate, and incompatible international environment for research projects based in text and data mining and artificial intelligence. The article concludes with some thoughts regarding the right of research, artificial intelligence, data and text mining, and the creation of new limitations and exceptions to copyright law.

Citation: H. Andrés Izquierdo, Minería de Textos y Datos e Inteligencia Artificial: Nuevas Excepciones al Derecho de Autor, THEMIS-Revista de Derecho, Perú, Edición 79, 2021

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