100 Years of International Intellectual Property Law

October, 2022

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100 Years of international intellectual property law

Professor Sean Flynn, co-Chair (with Professor Peter Yu) of the American Branch of the International Law Association’s Committee on International Intellectual Property Law will moderate the committee’s 2022 panel discussion on “100 Years of International Intellectual Property Law.”  The panel will commemorate the centennial of the American Branch, bringing together leading scholars to explore the development of the international intellectual property regime in the last 100 years.

The panel will be held on October 22 at 10:30, at the International Law Weekend hosted by ABILA.


  • Frederick M. Abbott
    Florida State University College of Law
  • Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
    New York University School of Law
  • J. Janewa Osei-Tutu
    Florida International University College of Law
  • Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec
    William & Mary Law School
  • Peter K. Yu
    Texas A&M University