"Trade Beyond COVID-19: Building Resilience"

Copyright, Trade and a TRIPS Waiver for COVID

Sep. 28, 2021 | 15:05-16:05 CET
WTO Public Forum Panel cohosted by PIJIP 

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This session will be simultaneously translated to Spanish and French.

This session will discuss the elements of copyright policy that is needed to respond to the COVID pandemic and other emergencies, and how trade and international intellectual property law should accommodate such measures.

Copyright is implicated in the treatment, prevention and containment of COVID and in the response to other emergencies. Many countries lack express rights in their copyright laws to enable remote and digital uses of works for education and scientific research, to repair medical devices requiring software, and for public health uses of tools, such as computational algorithms, needed to produce vaccines.

"Trade Beyond COVID-19: Building Resilience" will discuss how countries can respond to these challenges within the confines of the WTO TRIPS agreement and whether further clarifications of such flexibility is warranted to ensure that emergency action can be taken now and in the future.  The objective will be to generate knowledge and insights that are relevant to the discussions of the scope of a TRIPS Waiver for COVID and to identify other international trade and intellectual property policy options for enhancing resilience beyond COVID-19. 

Host institutions: World Trade Organization; Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property 


  • Sean Flynn, Director, American University Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
  • Patricia Diaz, Co-coordinator of the Data and Society Laboratory (Datysoc - Uruguay)
  • Teresa Hackett, Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager at EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries)
  • Allan Rocha, Civil Law and Intellectual Property Law Professor at the UFRRJ Law School, Brazil

    Dick Kawooya, Associate Professor at the School of Information Science (iSchool), University of South Carolina


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