IP at the Supreme Court Series: Medtronic v. Boston Scientific Corp. 

Supreme Court Building

November 5, 2013
4:30pm | Room 603 

Reception to Follow

In the first of this year’s Supreme Court Series, a panel of counsel for amici and parties will discuss the case on the afternoon following oral argument before the Court.


  • Jonas AndersonAmerican University Washington College of Law
  • Brian Fletcher, WilmerHale, representing Medtronic
  • Megan LaBelle, Catholic Univ. Law School
  • Roman Melnik, Goldberg, Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP, representing amicus curiae Tessera Technologies

Moderated by: Jorge Contreras, American University Washington College of Law


Whether, in a declaratory judgment action brought by a licensee under MedImmune, Inc. v. Genentech, Inc., the licensee has the burden to prove that its products do not infringe the patent, or whether the patentee must prove infringement.


Decision: January 22, 2014
Argument: TranscriptAudio

SCOTUSblog Entry: Medtronic, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp.