Decriminalizing Education, Again

PROFESSOR peter decherney

11th Annual Peter A. Jaszi Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property 

November 10, 2022 | 6:00pm | In-Person and online
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Peter Decherney

Professor Peter Decherney 
Peter Decherney is a Professor of Cinema & Media Studies and Faculty Director of the Online Learning Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a secondary appointment at the Annenberg School for Communication and an affiliation with the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition at Penn Law School.

He is the author or editor of six books including Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet and Hollywood: A Very Short Introduction. Prof. Decherney has also written for The New York Times, Forbes, Inside Higher Ed, and other publications. 

He is an award-winning documentary and virtual reality filmmaker, who has shot films in Africa, Asia, and the U.S. His virtual reality docuseries. “The Heart of Puerto Rico,” about artists in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (co-directed with Jean Lee), won the Best VR Film at the AT&T Film Awards. And his documentary, “Dreaming of Jerusalem” (co-directed with Sosena Solomon), about the Jewish Community in Gondar, Ethiopia was a Discovery+ original.

About the Lecture:
Decriminalizing Education, Again
- Decriminalizing Education, Again - Professor Decherney will discuss his 17 year collaboration with the Washington College of Law’s Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic. Among other joint endeavors, he and the clinic have successfully petitioned for a series of expanding educational exemptions to the anticircumvention provisions of 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act. In his talk, Professor Decherney will discuss the clash of world views revealed in the exemption process, and why he and the clinic may have been fighting the wrong battle all along. 

About the Series:
PIJIP’s Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property Law is named in recognition of the continuing contributions of Professor Peter A. Jaszi to the study of intellectual property at WCL, in the world at large, and in particular for his lasting contributions to the elevation of the public interest in intellectual property discourse.

The Peter A. Jaszi Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property is supported by tax-deductible contributions to the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property.

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