Why an LL.M. in Legislation?

Jobs at the intersection of law and domestic public policy frequently place a premium on skills such as legislative and regulatory drafting, legislative and regulatory negotiation and statutory interpretation. An LL.M. in Legislation is designed to equip lawyers with these precise skills.

Graduates will have a comparative advantage, especially in Washington, DC. And a one-year, 24-credit LL.M. in Legislation will cost less, take less time to complete, and provide more relevant preparation than a comparable public policy graduate degree.

Why American University?

No other law school offers this degree. The curriculum includes Legislation and Statutory Interpretation; Legislative Drafting; Legislative Negotiation; Constitutional Powers of the Presidency; Election Law Campaign Finance; Legislative Process; Political Process; Government Oversight; and Legislative Lawyering. Through AUWCL’s new Program on Legislative Negotiation, you can also receive training in the art and science of reaching across the aisle to overcome gridlock in Congress and state legislatures.

And as a student, you will be part of the Program on Law and Government which is celebrating more than 25 years preparing students for careers at the intersection of public service, law, and domestic policy. With a strong tenured, full-time, and adjunct faculty, extensive alumni network, and prime Washington, DC location, we offer a broad array of curricular and extracurricular experiences, including cutting-edge courses, symposia and panels, and career counseling, all designed to maximize the advantages of studying law at the center of the modern administrative state.

According to a recent comprehensive report from LegBranch.org, American University is a top source of congressional staff, including lawyers on the Hill who’ve graduated from WCL. And the Winter 2020 edition of NationalJurist's prelawmagazine ranked AUWCL #5 Best law school for careers in government.

For more information, contact lawandgov@wcl.american.edu.