LL.M. in Law and Government Concentrations and Specializations

Students who are interested in a specific field of law may concentrate in one of the three umbrella areas of study listed below or further specialize by doing an in-depth study of a particular area within the concentration. These policy orientated concentrations and specializations take advantage of the Program on Law and Government's exceptional regular and adjunct faculty, Fellows in Law and Government, practitioners, and the entire government. Students who complete a concentration or specialization will receive a certificate from the Program on Law and Government; the concentration/specialization does not appear on students' transcript.

Students who wish to pursue a concentration or specialization must earn at least 12 credits in one of the areas listed below. It is also recommended that the paper topic for the Washington Lawyer writing requirement focus on the student's individual area of concentration or specialization.

Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice

Civil & Constitutional Rights

Business & Financial Regulation

  • Intellectual Property & Information Policy
  • Securities Law & Policy

Approved Law and Government Courses