The Geneva Summer Program

The Geneva Summer Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy offers students an in-depth look at international issues through direct contact with experts on international trade, intellectual property, labor, and human rights/humanitarian law at organizations such as the International Law Commission, WIPO, ILO, and the WTO. PIOLD provides legal and soft skills for lawyers who need to navigate the changing architecture of global governance in a multicultural environment.


Labor & Human Rights Track:

  • The International Labor Organization: Decent Work Agenda, Macarena Saez, 2 credits
  • Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Current Challenges, Claudio Grossman and Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon, 2 credits      


Intellectual Property & Trade Track:

  • Intellectual Property Law and Policy in the Multilateral System, Sean Flynn, 2 credits
  • The World Trade Organization: Rule Making and Dispute Settlement, Aluisio de Lima-Campos, Christine Farley, and Fernanda Nicola, 2 credits

For more information, contact:

Fernanda Nicola, Director
(202) 274-4417