The Geneva Summer Program

The Geneva Summer Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy offers students an in-depth look at international issues through direct contact with experts on international trade, intellectual property, labor, and human rights/humanitarian law at organizations such as WIPO, ILO, and the WTO. PIOLD provides legal and soft skills for lawyers who need to navigate the changing architecture of global governance in a multicultural environment.


Labor & Human Rights Track:

  • The International Labor Organization: Decent Work Agenda, Macarena Saez, 2 credits
  • Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Current Challenges, Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon, 2 credits       OR

Intellectual Property & Trade Track:

  • Intellectual Property Law and Policy in the Multilateral System, Sean Flynn, 2 credits
  • The World Trade Organization: Rule Making and Dispute Settlement, Aluisio de Lima-Campos, 2 credits

For more information, contact:

Fernanda Nicola, Director
Marc LeBlanc, Coordinator