Human Rights Roundtable Photo
Experts Convene for Roundtable Discussion at AUWCL

Roundtable Discussion Convened Experts to Discuss the Protection of Human Rights in Counter-Terrorism

On Wednesday October 18th, AUWCL’s Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, together with the Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, convened jointly with the International Commission of Jurists a roundtable discussion on ongoing human rights violations in connection with renditions and associated practices by the US and other countries. The event followed the recent publication of a new ICJ Report, Transnational Injustices, which describes repeated, ongoing human rights violations in renditions, expulsions and extradition processes in the Russian Federation, Central Asia and the US, and offers concrete, practical recommendations for improving the situation and providing justice and remedies for victims of these practices. The roundtable discussion brought together a small group of human rights lawyers and experts from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International USA, and the American Bar Association to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations. It also sought to find ways to promote accountability and reparations for victims and to identify opportunities for mutually reinforcing US and international advocacy to counter these illicit practices.