Introducing the AUWCL 2011 - 2012 Humphrey Fellows

Yussef Auf

Yussef Auf (Egypt) holds degrees in law from Cairo University, as well as a degree in Islamic studies. He has also conducted research regarding his doctoral thesis in constitutional law. Auf’s impressive amount of education has led him to become a judge at the Egyptian labor and family courts. Auf has primarily centered his professional focus on two imperative issues. Auf’s first, surrounds constitutional studies that encourage the role of the Supreme Court to review constitutional amendments issued by a legislative power. He hopes this will prevent any deviation of power from the legislative body. This passion for justice is continued in his second area of interest – maintaining individual liberties and rights through the study of governing systems and the relationship between powers. Auf hopes that the education he receives from the Humphrey Program will assist him in his goal to secure Egypt’s continuing development through the assurance of the rule of law.

Shaheeda Barrie

Shaheeda Barrie (Sri Lanka) holds an LLB with 1st class honors from the London School of Economics and is a Barrister from Gray’s Inn. She secured a pupilage at a leading Barrister’s Chamber in London, and, upon returning to Sri Lanka took up public service work as a state counsel at the Attorney General’s Department of Sri Lanka. Presently, she practices in the field of civil law and fundamental rights. Barrie has a special interest in law and policy relating to the regulation of finance and trade and has advised key regulatory organs in this field. She was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Oxford in this area. Barrie is also a lecturer at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of Sri Lanka. Through the Humphrey Program, she hopes to advance her knowledge in her field of interest and contribute meaningfully to the development of Sri Lanka.

Katryn Cerveza Cadiente

Katryn Cerveza Cadiente (Philippines) has an established background in law and government. She earned her Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines and Master in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management. Cadiente works as a court attorney at the Supreme Court of the Philippines where she has served two chief justices. She currently assists the chief justice in the preparation of his decisions and separate, concurring, or dissenting opinions. She also acts as a policy-maker for different committees of the court on procurement and judicial reform. Cadiente has also served as assistant managing editor of the Court Systems Journal. She would like to use her experiences from the Humphrey Fellowship Program to spearhead a successful implementation of judicial reforms and to develop an approach to judicial activism that uses the rule-making powers of the Supreme Court to protect the rights of citizens under the Philippine Constitution.

Elda Monica Carballo

Elda Monica Carballo (Bolivia) is known throughout the legal community of Bolivia as a respected judge. Her work in the Bolivian judicial system has proven her to be a valuable asset to the advocacy of human rights in Bolivia. Carballo has strived to continuously fight for women’s rights. As a judge in family matters, she has witnessed women of various backgrounds suffer from gender-based violence. Carballo wishes to use her experience with the Humphrey Fellowship Program to effectively encourage other Bolivian women to strive to thrive in their own personal endeavors and to never tolerate any nature of abuse, be it through physical, sexual, psychological, or economic.

Edna Patricia de Carvalho

Edna Patricia de Carvalho (Angola) has studied at the Catholic University of Angola and Agostinho Neto University. She has earned degrees in Civil Law and Economics, Oil and Gas Law, and various other studies. Carvalho has worked as an adjunct professor for the Catholic University of Angola and currently she serves as a legal advisor to BP Angola. Whilst pursuing her career, Carvalho has demonstrated a passion for environmental law. She strives to encourage Angolan authorities to balance economic development with environmental protection. Carvalho will use her Humphrey year to develop an education that will further her work to contribute to the development of practical and enforceable environmental protective measures through legislation and other mechanisms.

Samar Elshayeb

Samar Elshayeb (Jordan) works for the Ministry of Justice in Jordan as a judge for the Court of Appeals of Amman. Elshayeb is well-respected for upholding the rule of law in her courts and for her passion as an advocate of women’s rights. To further this passion, she wishes to study women’s rights in America and learn about American women in the workplace. She would like to take the lessons learned on women’s leadership from the Humphrey Fellowship Program and apply them to the context of Jordan. Elshayeb aims to create a strong global initiative for the promotion of women in the workplace and for the improvement in treatment of women in Jordanian society.


Moin Ghani

Moin Ghani (Bangladesh) is an associate at Dr. Kamal Hossain and Associates, one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh. He has a LL.M. in Public International Law from the London School of Economics. Ghani is a respected counsel in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and his major areas of practice include commercial law, international arbitration, and human rights. Most notable of his accomplishments include acting as co-counsel for Bangladesh and successfully defending a $240 million claim by Chevron. This major legal accomplishment proved that economically developing countries can successfully defend their legal rights in international arbitral tribunals. Ghani has also been dedicated to furthering the human rights of the citizens of Bangladesh. He would like to use his Humphrey year to learn the modalities of ensuring access to justice to the poor and to better learn the skills necessary to assist Bangladesh in arbitrations before international institutions of justice.

Maria Soledad Granados Zambrano

Maria Soledad Granados Zambrano (Chile) has multiple degrees ranging from law at the University of Chile and applied economics at the University of Alberto Hurtado. She served as a consultant in law to Chile’s Ministry of Justiceuntil 2011. Her job consisted of, but was not limited to, judicial reforms in labor, access to justice, youth justice, and neighborhood courts. This has allowed her to work directly with the implementation of public policy. Granados Zambrano has also shown her compassion for human rights by her volunteer work with Amnesty International, where she has been elected vice president to the Chilean section of that institution. In order to further Granados Zambrano’s human rights path, the Humphrey Fellowship Program will assist in her education of the implementation of public policies with a human rights approach, covering various human rights issues such as poverty, the inequality of income distribution, and discrimination.

Michelle Gudo

Michelle Gudo  (Zimbabwe)  has used her law degree from the University of Fort Hare to accomplish extraordinary public service endeavors. She has established the legal aid and Services Department at the Women and Law in Southern Africa Program and has also established satellite Legal Aid centers in the Makoni District and the Rusape and Manicaland Provinces. Her commitment to public service is continued in her role as a legal program officer to Women and Law in Southern Africa (Zimbabwe) Program. This job requires Gudo to facilitate legal education and training workshops for the Justice Delivery System in Zimbabwe on gender laws that promote the equality of women. Gudo would like to use her year with the Humphrey Fellowship Program to further her dedication to public service by allowing her to become better equipped to create the first-ever “one stop” Anti-Domestic Violence Clinic in Zimbabwe.

M. Uzeyir Karabiyik

M. Uzeyir Karabiyik (Turkey) holds multiple degrees in law and currently works with international criminal law as a judge for the Ministry of Justice of Turkey. His primary interest surrounds the international human right of freedom of expression. During his year as a Humphrey Fellow, Karabiyik plans to combine his academic study and internship experience to learn more about the U.S. judicial practices on freedom of expression. He would like to continue to incorporate this fundamental right into Turkey’s development in order to ensure and maintain Turkey’s international standing as a direct supporter of human rights. Karabiyik hopes this will not only improve the country’s international standing, but also significantly improve the development of Turkey.

Shadha Nasser

Shadha Nasser (Yemen) is an attorney at law for Yemen’s Supreme Court. She has earned a doctorate in law from Charles University in Prague. Nasser has exemplified a great passion for women’s rights. Her work has consisted of human rights activism that has aimed to suppress violence towards women and children, protection for women in prison and to prevent domestic violence. She is currently working to end early child marriage, and hopes her studies with the Humphrey Fellowship Program will enable her to succeed in preventing such occurrences. Nasser intends for her practice of human rights in law to not only change practices in Yemen, but encourage an international movement to end the suppression and violence that women and children face globally.