Introducing the AUWCL 2004 - 2005 Humphrey Fellows

Mirjana Cukavac

Mirjana Cukavac serves as secretary of the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration in Belgrade, Serbia, working to settle international trade disputes. She ensures that each case adheres to the civil procedure of law and that the involved parties receive equal treatment. During her time as a Humphrey Fellow, Cukavac will study international business law. She hopes to learn how to modernize and develop case administration in Serbian arbitration courts by studying alternative dispute resolution and online arbitration techniques in the United States. Cukavac will be hosted by Professor Perry Wallace.

Pamela Davies

Pamela Davies is a private legal practitioner from Sierra Leone. She has served her community as an executive member of the Sierra Leone Bar Association and as a volunteer for a training program for externally displaced youth. During her Humphrey year, Davies hopes to gain an understanding of international human rights laws, their effects on domestic laws, and methods of enforcing them through judicial reform. Davies will be hosted by Hadar Harris, executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Mohamed El Ghannam

Mohamed El Ghannam is a judge for the Ministry of Justice in Cairo, Egypt, and a former senior prosecutor and police officer. El Ghannam presides at the Court of North Cairo, hearing both criminal and civil cases. His work focuses on protecting the human rights of charged individuals, such as the right to a fair trial. He is interested specifically in how current Egyptian laws are limiting these basic legal rights. During his time as a Humphrey Fellow, El Ghannam will compare the American and Egyptian legal systems in hopes of forming solutions to lessen human rights violations in Egypt. El Ghannam will be hosted by Professor Cynthia Jones.

Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia  works for the Center on Law and Society (CIDES), an organization in Quito, Ecuador, dedicated to the promotion of democratic values and legal responsibility. As an associate member, coordinator and director of programs, and director of the Center for Managing Conflicts for CIDES, Garcia has worked in the areas of conflict resolution and human rights. She is also a professor of law and an academic coordinator at Pontifical Catholic University in Quito. As a Humphrey Fellow, she will study American legal education to develop new ways of teaching law in Ecuador and to create a more secure judicial system. Garcia will be hosted by Professor Elliott Milstein.

Tanya Golden

Tanya Golden is a lawyer and advocate of the High Court of South Africa, as well as a lecturer at the University of the Western Cape. Golden works primarily in the fields of labor, administrative, and commercial law as a litigator, arbitrator, and legal advisor to corporate and governmental clients. As a Humphrey Fellow, she will study and gain professional training in international business law with a focus on international trade, international commercial transactions, and foreign investment. Golden will be hosted by Professor Susan Carle.

Sadiq Kamal

Sadiq Kamal works as the senior superintendent of police for the government of Pakistan in Peshawar. As head of the Investigation Department, he ensures that suspected persons are treated justly according to the law, while also leading the prevention and detection of crimes. As a Humphrey Fellow, Kamal will study human rights standards in the United States and compare them with those of other nations, with the goal of improving standards in Pakistan. Kamal will be hosted by Professor Jamin Raskin.

Leng Hour Kiet

Leng Hour Kiet is a human rights and development specialist in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has worked as a human rights officer for the legal and judicial reform program for the United Nations Volunteers and as a consultant to the legal advisor for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His work has focused on promoting human rights as mainstream interests within the Cambodian government. As a Humphrey Fellow, Kiet will study human rights law and economic development to learn how to influence human rights laws and promote respect for human rights in Cambodia. Kiet will be hosted by Susana S?Couto, director of the War Crimes Research Office.

Zlatko Milikic

Zlatko Milikic is the director of the Market Support Sector of the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is responsible for the full functioning of the bank?s legal department. He is also an expert in international commercial law and cross-border business transactions. Specifically, Milikic is interested in the processes of privatization and restitution as means to economic development and stability in Serbia. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will study the principles and regulations of banking law in the United States to learn how to strengthen economic markets in Serbia. Milikic will be hosted by Visiting Professor Sophie Smyth.

Ahmed Gamal Osman

Ahmed Gamal Osman is a judge for the State Council of Egypt, as well as a member of the consultative department for the Egyptian presidency and cabinet. As a former public prosecutor and practicing lawyer, he has focused on promoting the role of law in economic development, as well as in society at large. Osman will spend his time as a Humphrey Fellow studying international business law, specifically international trade, international finance, and corporate governance. His goal is to aid in the reform and development of the Egyptian legal and judicial systems. Osman will be hosted by Professor Padideh Ala'i.

Ariela Peralta

Ariela Peralta is a lawyer for Service of Peace and Justice, a nonprofit organization that defends human rights in Montevideo, Uruguay. Both as a lawyer and as the former executive secretary of Service of Peace and Justice of Latin America, she has worked to protect the civil and political rights of people who report human rights abuses and to monitor the penal system. During her Humphrey year, Peralta hopes to learn more about human rights standards and practices and apply this knowledge to her local practice in Uruguay. Peralta will be hosted by Professor Robert Goldman.