Professors Claudia Martin and Susana SáCouto Present Amicus Curiae in El Salvador


Claudia Martin, Co-director for the Academy on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, and Susana SáCouto, director of the War Crimes Research office, presented an amicus curiae before the San Francisco Court of First Instance in Mozote, El Salvador, on Friday, August 24, where 18 military commanders were accused of having participated in the massacre of El Mozote and neighboring areas in December of 1981. The purpose of the brief was to develop arguments that could be used to effectively investigate the sexual crimes committed in the case. According to the Report from the Truth Commission of the United Nations in El Salvador of 1993, units of the Atlacatl Battalion “deliberately and systematically" tortured and executed children, men, and women of the Mozote canton and other surrounding areas between December 11 and 13, 1981.

According to Martin, the purpose of the presentation of the brief was to develop arguments for the court, which can be used to investigate the sexual crimes committed in the case. This would have an important symbolic effect on the victims and society. “The objective is to present all the information and international standards that El Salvador currently has. We know that the process is open and we want to provide additional legal instruments and analysis of jurisprudence so that the judge can take these documents into consideration.”

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