Professor Claudia Martin Leads the Effort to Submit an Amicus Brief to the Constitutional Court of Peru in the Case of Former Minister of Health of Peru Charged with Gross Human Rights Violations in the Implementation of a Policy of Forced Sterilization

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Professor Claudia Martin

Co-Director of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Professor Claudia Martin, and three other professors and lawyers specializing in international human rights law, filed an Amicus Curiae to the Constitutional Court of Peru related to the case of former Minister of Health Marino Costa Bauer and the right to be tried within a reasonable time. Costa Bauer is charged with the perpetration of gross human rights violations as a result of the policy of forced sterilizations implemented under the National Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program from  1996-2000 in Peru, during former President Fujimori’s administration.  Along with Claudia Martin, who authored the amicus, the brief is signed by Professor Susana Sacouto, Director of the War Crimes Research Office at American University WCL; Katya Salazar, Executive Director of the Due Process of Law Foundation; and Jo-Marie Burt, Associate Professor at George Mason University and Senior Fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). The amicus curiae further illustrates to the court the complexity of cases and the obligation of the State to investigate and ensure access to justice for the victims. The amicus was filed to support the claims for justice of the victims of forced sterilization, represented by DEMUS [can we hyperlink to their website] and other civil society organizations in Peru.

Read the full Amicus Curiae here