Clarification Questions to the Hypothetical Case

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7.3 Clarifications to Case

Each Participant Team that has registered the names of its Competitors at the moment of the inquiry may submit in writing up to three (3) requests for clarifications of points of fact in the Case, subject to the submission procedure outlined below in Rule 7.3.2. Clarification requests by Teams that have not registered the names of their Competitors shall not be answered.

7.3.1 Submission Procedure for Clarification Questions

Requests for clarifications must be sent by electronic mail and must be received by the Technical Committee by the date indicated on the Competition Calendar. The Technical Committee will not issue clarifications for any requests received after the deadline.

7.3.2 Eligible Issues for Clarification

The Technical Committee has the right not to respond to compound questions, questions that are outside the facts or questions that would give rise to arguments that are outside the scope of substantive or procedural issues originally contemplated by the facts.

7.3.3 Notice

All clarifications to legitimate requests made pursuant to this section will be available to Participant Teams within the time established in the Calendar and will be posted on the Competition website. It is the responsibility of each Participant Team to ensure that it receives and adequately integrates these Problem Clarifications