Hybrid LL.M. Requirements


The LL.M. degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law requires 24 credit hours from the designated list of classes with a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better.

Students are required to take 12 credits in Specialized Courses in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Depending on experience, students should choose 6 credits from a list of suggested core course credits, and complete the remaining of the credits with other key elective course credits. In addition, students are encouraged to complete credits during the Summer Program of Advanced Studies in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, taught by world-renowned experts in the field.

Spring Semester

  • LAW-656-E003 Asylum & Refugee Law (Online)
  • LAW-626-E002 Human Rights (Online)
  • LAW-754 LLM Externship Program (Online)

Fall Semester

  • LAW-739-E001 Advanced Human Rights (Online)
  • LAW-989-E002 International Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Online)
  • LAW-754 LLM Externship Program (Online)

Courses are subject to change from time to time. Please check the current list of WCL courses here.

Summer Session in Residence at WCL

  • LAW-739S-001 Human Rights and Development (Residential)
  • LAW-725R-001 International Justice For Human Rights Violations (Residential)
  • LAW-739D-001 Women and International Human Rights Law (Residential)
  • LAW-861-001 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Residential)
  • LAW-620-001 International Humanitarian Law (Residential)
  • LAW-662S-001 United Nations Human Rights System (Residential)
  • LAW-795Q-001 Human Rights and Environment (Residential)

Courses are subject to change from time to time. Please check the current list of WCL courses here.

Please Note: 

* Online and hybrid students who receive the LL.M. in International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law will not be eligible to sit for the NY bar exam. NY requires that students complete all courses in residence at AUWCL and will only accept four summer credits. No online courses are permitted, and the entire LL.M. program must be completed within 24 months.