LL.M. Graduation Requirement

"Research and Writing project" and "Supervised Externship"

During their second year of study, students will be required to write a 2-4 credit research and writing project and/or complete a 2-4 credit supervised externship in an institution that would provide them with professional experience in the field of International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law.

To qualify for graduation, all LL.M. candidates must complete the Practical Skills Graduation Track (2 credit supervised externship) and Research Graduation Track (2 credit research and writing project).

  • Research Graduation Track: LL.M. candidates must complete the LL.M. writing requirement. The topic for the research and writing project will need to be approved by your academic advisor.

  • Practical Skills Graduation track: LLM candidates in the Practical Skills Track must complete an externship in their discipline for academic credit during their studies in addition to the LL.M. writing requirement. To receive academic credit for an externship, students must officially register for the externship and complete all of the corresponding academic requirements for the externship credits.

Students may be allowed to opt for a 4 credit dissertation or a 4 credit supervised externship.

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