The LL.M. is a venue for total immersion into the realm of human rights and humanitarian law provided in a hybrid format, with virtual courses combined with an intense three-week residential summer through the Program of Advanced Studies that enables individuals with limited time to develop their skills and gain practical experience.

Residential Courses

The residential component of the LL.M. is designed to take advantage of the courses offered by the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law during its Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that runs for three weeks during the summer semester. These are specialized courses taught by world renowned experts in human rights and humanitarian law. Students in the LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Program are required to participate in two three-week summer sessions, with an obligation to take three two-credit courses each session.

Online Courses

The online component of the LL.M. is carried out through state of the art technology that allow participants from all over the world to connect creating a multicultural audience experience. This format opens the door for legal professionals around the world to obtain an LL.M. degree, gaining certification that holds global credibility. The virtual courses are composed of 2-hour live classes where students interact with classmates and participate in live discussions with professors. The online courses are taught every year during the Fall and Spring semesters.