Other Housing Options

The Academy on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law is not affiliated with any designated accommodation option, and has no special option. If you decide to make a reservation, please make sure you have understood all the policies and costs related to your accommodation before making it.

Budget Hotel: around $50-100/night

Quaint lodging which usually includes basic amenities, such as beds, dressers, desk, telephone and TV. Some budget hotels have both shared and private bathrooms.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B): around $75-150/night

Offer quaint lodging in private rooms with both shared and private bathrooms, depending on price. Bed & Breakfasts usually tailor to those who are looking for comfort, charm, and affordability. Most include shared amenities, such as a shared kitchen, common room, and TV room.

Apartment-style Accommodations: prices vary

Accommodations usually include a small kitchen, private bathroom, and bedroom. In apartment-style accommodations; the atmosphere is less like a hotel, and more like a private residence. Apartments are available both unfurnished and furnished. Accommodations of this nature will vary tremendously in both amenities and cost. Browse through options on Craigslist: DC for daily/weekly/monthly sublets. We recommend looking for something available in Tenleytown, Friendship Heights, or Cleveland Park.

Moderately Priced Hotel: around $100-200/night

Hotels include more modern day amenities and services than dormitories, budget hotels, and a bed & breakfast. Lodging usually includes a private bathroom, cable television, A/C, restaurant, and guest services. Hotels sometimes include an indoor/outdoor pool, exercise facility, and laundry facilities.

Luxury Hotel: $200 and up/night

The most luxurious of your options, these hotels usually include many amenities and guest services. Most luxury hotels include luxurious guestrooms with cable TV, A/C, robes, and maid service, as well as fitness facilities, pool, and dining services on site.

Hostel: $25 and up/night

The most basic of accommodations, most rooms will be dormitory-style with multiple beds in a shared space. These will be located further from campus, so transportation expenses and time would need to be factored in to your decision. Some have common space, kitchen, meals and internet included. Amenities vary.