Advanced International Humanitarian Law (LAW-795AR-001)

2:30 - 4:20 pm

  • Robert K. Goldman
  • Jamie Williamson
  • Andrea Harrison

This course will be focused on the contemporary international conflicts, future threats, and their impact on the application of International Humanitarian Law. Also, we will study the role of non-State Armed Groups, peace enforcers, peacekeepers, civilians, and other parties in the armed conflict. The course will also cover the interrelation between IHL and Human rights, the use of Force, and the direct participation of civilians when they take part in hostilities.

The second half of the course will analyze the obligations of States to prosecute individuals for war crimes and how States have implemented these obligations. For instance, class discussions will address contemporary armed conflicts and case studies to identify States obligations and violations under IHL. The course will explore the notion of indiscriminate attacks and non-international armed conflicts. Finally, the course will study the prohibition and restriction of weapons in IHL, the use of explosive weapons general, and medical missions” in armed conflict.