"The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and creating new opportunities within the legal field. Given this, I would recommend the Health Law & Policy Summer Institute to anyone seeking a career in health law––or those with an interest in health policy! The course taught us about several up-and-coming areas in healthcare. Since we are learning remotely, the course offered practitioner presentations, fascinating readings, and engaging class discussions. As an evening law student, I appreciated how the 2020 Summer Institute had classes that accommodated our schedules." 

R.D., Summer Institute 2020 Student

"Participating in the Health Law and Policy Summer Institute was an invaluable experience. As a student in the course, I had the opportunity to listen to knowledgeable and inspiring guest lecturers and learn from my professor and colleagues. I am already using the knowledge and skills I gained over the summer in my full-time job, and I plan to continue to use this knowledge and these skills as I progress in my career."

C.C., Summer Institute 2020 Student

"The Health Law & Policy Summer Institute is an incredible opportunity for students to learn about cutting-edge and emerging topics in health law. The Institute faculty are engaging, and provide insightful perspectives on pressing issues, such as how providers are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing telemedicine services and the legal considerations for digital health. I strongly recommend the Institute for those who want to learn more about unique health law topics and learn from both Institute faculty and guest speakers who are experts in their fields."

E.R., Summer Institute 2020 Student

“The Health Law & Policy Summer Institute provided me with relevant and timely instruction in traditional and emerging areas of health law.  The summer of 2020 allowed me to attend false claims and digital health courses. One course professor presented a rigorous framework for evaluating false claims, and the other course professor presented a fantastic survey on telemedicine and artificial intelligence.  I highly recommend any involvement with the Institute as the courses, and even seminars, will allow both neophytes and skilled practitioners to significantly advance their health law knowledge.”

P.Y., Summer Institute 2020 Student

 The Health Law & Policy Summer Institute was engaging and provided me with a practical background in the healthcare regulatory field. I was able to frequently apply this learning at my summer job at a federal regulatory agency. I felt that this background gave me an advantage over the other interns I worked with and helped me succeed, but I am happiest with how comfortable I now feel with the subject matters covered in 'Health Care Corporate Compliance & Governance' and 'The False Claims Act in the Health Care Industry.' The class structure was very convenient and manageable and I would recommend the course offerings to any student considering a career in health law.

P.L., Summer Institute 2019 Student

"The Health Law and Policy Summer Institute far exceeded my expectations.  In addition to Professor Kung’s in-depth survey of legal issues facing health care industry players in the Digital Health and the Law course, students had the opportunity to attend a special lunch-and-learn series and meet practitioners in the field. I would highly recommend the Health Law and Summer Institute to any law student interested in pursuing a career in health law."

A.B., Summer Institute 2018 Student

"Whether you are an experienced health law practitioner or someone who is planning to enter this practice area, you are sure to learn a lot from Professor Asha Scielzo while attending the Health Law and Policy Summer Institute at American University Washington College of Law. I highly recommend the classes offered on healthcare fraud and abuse as well as healthcare business transactions."

R.F., Summer Institute 2017 visiting student