A Workshop on Comparative Family Law: What is the Global Family?

This two-day workshop will compare systems of family law in Canada, the Unites States and worldwide. This comparison will provide a rich methodological framework for exploring the impacts of immigration, globalization, and public policy on the family – and vice versa: the impact of the family and family law on immigration, globalization and public policy.

The Workshop is part of a series of meetings aimed at assessing the “exceptional” place of the family and family law in decolonization, modernization and development. The initial “Conversation on Comparative Family Law,” hosted by American University Washington College of Law in 2007, opened the inquiry: what does comparative law have to say to family law, and family law to comparative law? In March 2009, the Women and International Law Program, in collaboration with the Harvard Law School's Program on Law and Social Though's "Up Against Family Law Exceptionalism Project," will gather scholars from the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia to continue our exploration of the global family today.

This Workshop is organized by the American University Washington College of Law’s Women and International Law Program and the Harvard Law School Program on Law and Social Thought’s “Up Against Family Law Exceptionalism Project.”

We thank the Government of Canada for their generous support of this program.