Welcome to the Economic Justice Program at American University Washington College of Law!

The Economic Justice Program at American University aims to advance the rights and interests of the poor and vulnerable by connecting students, advocates, and practitioners who share a commitment to anti-poverty work and by creating additional opportunities and space within the academy for economic justice-related work. 

The Economic Justice Program helps students navigate the many courses, externships, clinics, and extra-curricular opportunities available during law school and supporting the range of career paths available to those who prioritize aiding those in need. Through external engagement activities, including the leading poverty law blog and periodic conferences, the Economic Justice Program seeks to show the importance of economic justice in how we understand and engage with the law.


Explore pathways to Poverty Law

There is no one career path associated with poverty law; work for a legal aid organization fits into this category, but so can work for the government or as a community organizer.Read more