Digital Asset Law Project

As transformative financial technologies such as digital assets explode in the U.S. and global financial system, AUWCL’s Business Law faculty explore both the promise and potential concerns raised by this financial revolution through the AUWCL Digital Asset Law Project. The Digital Asset Law Project is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the legal, regulatory, compliance and policy issues raised by the emerging world of digital assets and other transformative financial technologies.  Through the Project, the Business Law Program encourages students to explore both the promise and potential concerns raised by the digital financial revolution. AUWCL’s Business Law Program is a key training ground for lawyers working on digital asset issues.  As the market for digital assets continues to grow, so does the need for counsel who understand how they function and who can participate in the debate about their value and role, their regulatory status, and appropriate legal and policy strategies. WCL’s business law faculty is comprised of a number of talented and innovative leaders in scholarship, policy, and the profession related to digital asset law issues.