Katherine Youssouf

Katherine Youssouf


International laws, like the Convention Against Torture, are the legal means by which society protects humanity at the point of extremity in order to ensure that every person has the right to be free from torture and degrading treatment. I applied to the Kovler Project to learn more about the role of international law in prohibiting torture, as well as the role of legal institutions aiming to protect human dignity and address anti-torture compliance. I see the Kovler Project as an incredible opportunity to make important, hands-on contributions to anti-torture research and international human rights advocacy.  

During the Kovler Project I hope to build upon my international lawyering skills in human rights advocacy and research. From this experience, I hope to enhance my knowledge of international law, international legal institutions, and the roles that lawyers play in protecting human rights across the globe. My long-term, professional goal is to work at the nexus of international humanitarian law and policy enhancing accountability measures for both states and individuals in relation to their international humanitarian and human rights obligations. 

Katherine's hUMAN RIGHTS Quote:

“Give every human being the right you claim for yourself.”

Robert Green Ingersoll