Emma Marion

Emma Marion


I first found out about the Kovler Project Against Torture (then the UN CAT Project) at the human rights reception during first-year orientation and have known since then that I would apply to participate in the Project. Coming from a background of volunteering with refugees, many of whom assisted the United States military and fled to the US to avoid persecution, the law of war and related doctrines of torture, human rights, and public international law have been an interest of mine and originally led me to law school. The Kovler Project was interesting to me immediately as a unique opportunity to be able to conduct and analyze substantive research in the field of international law and human rights and to be able to gain a deep understanding of the treaty law related to torture and its application. 

The Kovler Project experience will further my professional development goals by instilling legal research, writing, and analytical skills relating to international law that would be impossible to cultivate in a traditional classroom settling and by introducing me to the substantive work and functions of an international organization. As someone who hopes to work in international law after law school, the Kovler Project will be an invaluable experience. 

Emma's Human rights Quote:

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Nelson Mandela