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The Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law's Kovler Project Against Torture (formerly the UN CAT Project) is a one-of-a-kind experiential education opportunity through which upper-level students, under faculty guidance, make key contributions to the sessions of the United Nations Committee against Torture (UN CAT).

Kovler Student Scholars Against Torture engage in a “deep dive” on the prohibition of torture in international law and on the professional skills and considerations instrumental to effective lawyering in international settings. In late fall, typically November, students travel with Project faculty to Geneva to continue their hands-on learning during the United Nations Committee against Torture (UN CAT) proceedings. Read More >>

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Our History

The Project was founded at WCL in 2004 as the UN CAT Project and endowed in 2016 as the Kovler Project Against Torture. The Project intensively engages approximately ten students each fall semester in rejecting torture and promoting human rights through legal education, thanks to the generous support of the Blum-Kovler Foundation since 2009, and of Ms. Kelsey Lee Offield in 2016.

"The use of torture, whether Syria and Assad today, or other figures in other countries at other times, cannot be ignored. It is quite important that a new generation not tolerate torture. I am so proud to be associated with the work of the law school’s Kovler Project Against Torture."

Peter Kovler, Chairman of the Board of the Blum-Kovler Foundation

"The fight against torture is a struggle which requires all the knowledge and skills we can gather. It requires us to work closely together across professions in many sectors, with the legal and medical professions playing a key role. The Kovler Project Against Torture is making a vital contribution to this fight by equipping talented students of law with the knowledge and skills needed to make strong contributions to the fight against torture."

UN Committee against Torture Chairperson Jens Modvig, MD, PhD

"The Kovler Project Against Torture is legal education in action, training future lawyers on the knowledge, skills, and value reflection instrumental to effective lawyering in international settings."

Claudio Grossman