AUWCL Announces Innovative Business Law Compliance and Ethics Certificate Program     

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The Business Law Program at American University Washington College of Law is pleased to announce an innovative Compliance and Ethics Certificate (CEC).  Covering one of the fastest growing areas of business law,  the Compliance and Ethics Certificate enables students with a special interest in business law to earn a certificate that provides a core competency and a deeper understanding of compliance laws and regulations. Students will learn how to adopt and implement successful corporate compliance strategies as they acquire knowledge and skills in the legal, regulatory, and ethical framework undergirding compliance.

The certificate offers students the opportunity to choose from two tracks in dynamic  areas of business law best suited to their  interests and career goals: the Corporate Compliance Certificate or Financial Institutions Compliance Certificate. Both tracks will provide students with the opportunity to build cutting edge skills to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly growing business law compliance market by taking a deep dive into corporate or financial services compliance laws and regulations, compliance strategies, and skills-based training.

“This new component of AUWCL’s already-strong business law curriculum meets an ever-growing market demand for business law compliance skills and expertise,” noted Professor David Snyder, director of the Business Law Program. “The CEC will be grounded in teaching students the highest standards of business ethics, which are increasingly pursued and developed by law firms, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations.”

The CEC is led by Gerard Comizio, former chair of the financial institutions practices at two leading international law firms and an alumnus of the OCC in the U.S. Department of the Treasury as well as the SEC.  He is also the author of leading casebooks in banking law.

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