Works of Horacio Grigera Naòn

Following is a list of books and articles written by the Director of the Center on International Commercial Arbitration. For more information on these publications, email

Horacio Grigera Naón, Cultural Differences from the Perspective of the ICC Arbitration System, in Dispute Resolution Conference Papers (IFCAI May 14, 1999).

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Horacio Grigera Naón, Orden Público y Arbitraje, in Arbitragem Comercial Internacional, 79-111 (Adriana Noemi Pucci Coordenadora, ed., LTR Editora 1998).

Horacio Grigera Naón, What duties do counsel owe to the tribunal and why?, in Player's Interaction in International Arbitration (Bernard Hanotiau and Alexis Mourre), 9-19. International Chamber of Commerce (2012).