Courses in Arbitration

Course Offerings in International Arbitration
Course Course Number
International Commercial LAW- 789-001, 3 credits (Fall & Spring)
Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) Arbitration LAW-972-001, 2 credits (Fall & Spring)
Practical Aspects of International ADR LAW 795AD-001, 2 credits (Fall)
International Investment Law & Policy LAW 795ZZ, 2 credits (Spring)
International Law of Foreign Investment   LAW-679-001, 2 credits (Fall)
International Litigation & Arbitration LAW-677-001, 3 credits (Spring)
Research Seminar: International Investment Law LAW-795IV-001, 2 credits (Spring)
International Investment Law & Policy LAW-795ZZ-001, 2 credits (Spring)
Dispute Resolution Involving Sovereigns LAW-795DR, 2 credits (Spring)
International Sales LAW-973, 3 credits (Fall)
U.S. Contract Law LAW 504, 4 credits (Fall & Spring)
Summer Courses
Course Course Number
Intro. to the Practice of International Arbitration LAW 789S-001, 1 credit (Summer)
ICC Arbitration LAW 795-016, 1 credit (Summer)
International Arbitration and Choice-of-Law Issues LAW 795-017, 1 credit (Summer)
Investor-State Arbitration LAW 795-018, 1 credit (Summer)
Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration LAW 795FF-001, 1credit (Summer)
Damages & Compensation in Arbitration LAW 795DS-001, 1 credit (Summer)
Mediation: Theory & Practice LAW-795ME-001, 1 credit (Summer)
Summer Courses in Spanish:
Course Course Number
Arbitraje Comercial Internacional LAW-789-002– 1 credit (Summer)
Arbitraje Inversionista – Estado LAW- 795-018– 1 credit (Summer)
Seminario Avanzado: Aspectos Prácticos del Proceso Arbitral LAW 798-019– 1 credit (Summer)

Note for LL.M. Students: Students interested in specializing in International Commercial Arbitration must complete 12 credits by taking the courses above.