LLM Students

Onur ArslanHi everybody, I am Onur Arslan and I am a Fulbright scholar from the Netherlands. I hold an LL.B. degree and an LL.M. degree in Commercial Law from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before coming to the United States I worked at the Banking & Finance practice of an international law firm in Amsterdam. I have always been interested in business law, however most courses that I attended in Rotterdam focused on Dutch law. While working at an international law firm I felt that I did not fully understand the basic concepts of international banking and financial contracts. At Washington College of Law, I have the opportunity to learn more about the international aspects of business law. At the moment, I am attending interesting courses such as International Regulation of Securities Markets and International Banking Law. The professors are experienced lawyers and the courses are very interactive which makes attending class much more interesting then it was back in Europe!

Jose Manuel Llanos AlperiHi! My name is Jose Manuel Llanos Alperi. I am an attorney from Spain and specializing in International Business Law. I am here at the ILSP thanks to the dual degree program between my Spanish University, Alfonso X el Sabio and WCL. I must say that I am very happy at the ILSP. As one of my teachers always says, "Washington, DC is today what Rome was two thousand years ago, the capital of the world". Being here offers all of us students unique opportunities. We can interact with other attorneys from all over the world, we can attend different lectures throughout the week, and we can take interesting classes taught by the best experts in their multiple fields. In sum, these elements at WCL have made my time spent at the ILSP one of the best experiences of my life.

Typhaine RoblotHi, My name is Typhaine Roblot. I am an exchange student from France. Thanks to the partnership between my university at Paris X Nanterre and WCL, I was able to join the LLM program at the ILSP. My major is in International Human Rights Law but I am also interested in other fields of law such as Politics and International Trade Law. Back home, I am also pursuing a Masters degree in International and European Law where I used to focus on Humanitarian Law and International Public Law. I am currently a Dean’s fellow for a Professor at WCL, which enables me to gain more experience in Human Rights. In my opinion, this LLM is an amazing experience not only because of its prestige in International Human Rights Law, but also because of the people from all around the world I have met. WCL is full of opportunities for the students, from the classes to the numerous conferences and lectures you can attend every week. I am trying to take advantage of it as much as I can!

Faten SalehHi! My name is Faten Saleh. I’m a French Fulbright student studying International Public Law and specializing in development issues. Back home, I didn’t really get to choose my classes as the curriculum in the French system is more rigid, whereas here at WCL I have many classes to choose from! Last semester I took classes in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Advocacy, where I became interested in development issues. I also took a course called International Law: Law and Peace Negotiations where you work with PILPG, an NGO working as a pro-bono law firm. You get to “intern” for them for 3 credits. I continued my “internship” during my second semester and also took more classes in development.

There are so many events at WCL that it’s impossible to attend all of them! Between lectures, roundtables, networking events and cultural events, your schedule will be full. And that’s only WCL! Being in the country’s most active city in terms of international issues has its bonuses. The key to having a great experience at WCL is being active. Get involved in as many things as you can handle because this is a once in a lifetime experience. I have to admit that I had never worked that much in my entire life, but I’ve also never wanted to work that much! I spend many hours at the library and actually enjoy it! I was told during orientation that time management is important. That’s definitely an understatement. If you want to be able to do all those things and seize every opportunity WCL and DC has to offer, you need to be organized. When I was in France, I had so many doubts about my future and what I would be able to do in my field. But studying at WCL made me realize that I had so many more opportunities than I thought.One last piece of advice…Dean Grossman told us that his biggest regret from his own LLM year was not to have taken enough time to interact with his fellow LLMs. Don’t make the same mistake. In the ILSP, you’ll be surrounded by amazing people coming from all parts of the world. Seize this opportunity to learn from them and create lasting bonds. Those people around you are future businessmen, lawyers, ambassadors… leaders of the world (don’t laugh! I actually met with ambassadors who did their LLM at WCL). Fortunately, we (the LLM Board) are here to help. I’ll leave you with all these thoughts and I hope to see you around at WCL.

Yira SegreraHi! My name is Yira Segrera. I am from Barranquilla, Colombia. I work as a law professor at Universidad del Norte back home. I decided to pursue the ILSP program at American University, encouraged by the high rank of the program in Human Rights. Once I started the program, I realized that while it indeed is recognized for its Human Rights academia, the professors in the fields of International Trade Law and International Business Law are highly accomplished practitioners and academics. I recognized this opportunity and am currently complementing my background in Human Rights with the areas of Trade and Development and Business Transactions.

So far, the LLM program in American University has exceeded every expectation I had. The solid background of the LLM faculty, the support from the ILSP staff, the University facilities, and the wide range of courses and events in the University has allowed me to strongly deepen my practical and theoretical knowledge. At the ILSP program, I have had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world, and to interact and learn from them has also been an invaluable experience for me.

Je Sun LeeHi, my name is Je Sun Lee. I am from South Korea. I graduated from Korea University College of Law. I am a participant in the dual degree LLM program between WCL and Yonsei University. I enrolled in the MBA program of Korea University Business School and later studied at Seoul National University Business School. I also enrolled in Wharton Programs for Working Professionals (WPWP) at Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. I also worked at the Pusan Main Customs for the military service. Throughout my time here, the ILSP program has always provided international students with unparalleled opportunities. It has experienced faculty and unique programs for the LLM students. At the ILSP I am mainly studying business law, with international business transactions in particular. I plan to work as an M&A lawyer trained with both business and legal expertise.

Álvaro Ramírez MartínezHi, my name is Álvaro Ramírez Martínez. I am a Fulbright student and a law professor at the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. I work as the coordinator of International Public Law at the University Center of Economic and Administrative Sciences and hold a Master's Degree in Civil and Finance Law. Currently I am pursuing an SJD degree in the USA. What I enjoy the most about Washington College of Law is its international environment and the warmth that the staff provides to all students. It gives you a lot of confidence and makes you feel at home. I have enjoyed the ILSP very much as the school provides a vast list of subjects and activities such as seminars, lectures and events which promote the networking of people from all over the world. I have also enjoyed the school facilities like the Pence Law Library where the staff is always willing to help students with their research. I´m a current LLM Student specializing in Trade but I haven´t missed the opportunity to learn about Human Rights too. My future plans are to finish my SJD program and return to Mexico in order to contribute with my new acquired knowledge. I hope to work towards improving the school programs offered by my university so that students can better understand how world trade works and how it impacts human rights.

Yves van OelMy name is Yves van Oel. I have obtained my LL.B in Dutch Law from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. At WCL I am focusing on International Business Law. I really enjoy courses like International Business Transactions, International Project Finance and International Banking Law.I like the dynamic learning environment at WCL which allows students to fully participate in class discussions. After my graduation I would like to gain practical experience at an international law firm focusing on international business law.

Graduated LLM Students

Majd Bader Hi! My name is Majd Bader. I am an attorney from Palestine and I worked as a criminal law litigator in Israel. In my study at WCL, I specialized in international human rights law, especially in international criminal law, international humanitarian law, and laws related to minorities. If you are looking for a place to gain deep practical and theoretical knowledge in human rights and want to be part of a dynamic school with exposure to amazing diversity of students, WCL should be your choice.

At the ILSP I had the chance to study with fantastic professors and practitioners who help to advance my knowledge and provide me with insights and tools to develop my analytical skills and perspectives when dealing with challenges related to human rights. At the ILSP, I have met astonishing lawyers from all over the world that have become my friends from whom I learn so much. Finally, the location of WCL in the US Capital gives me the opportunity to take part in great events that take place in the DC area, in addition to the events organized at the law school.

Hi! My name is Teresa Fernández-Paredes. I studied Law and Political Science, as a student in Madrid, Spain. I am currently doing my LLM specialization work in Human Rights and International Organizations. At the same time I am doing a legal fellowship at the Center of International Law and Justice, an NGO that protects human rights violations in the Inter-American System. I really encourage everybody to come to WCL. The ILSP program is one of the best in the USA, especially in the field of Human Rights. Personally, the courses I am taking are really satisfying and challenging for me. Furthermore, being in Washington, DC is an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people as well as to apply to jobs and internships in well-known international organizations.

Nikola Koritz Hi! My name is Nikola Koritz. I am an attorney from Germany. Being back in law school after 15 years of work experience for a mid career change is great. I specialize in Intellectual Property Law and work in the field of copyright protection and enforcement in China. I am contributing to our new ILSP law journal and we hope to see the first edition soon.

Jorge Martinez Paoletti Hi! My name is Jorge Martinez Paoletti, and back home I am a practicing attorney before Spanish courts. My experience at WCL changed my professional career dramatically. As a lawyer with an actual passion for International Human Rights Law, the LLM in the ILSP provided me with a top learning experience in the country and in the world. I have the chance to assist to lectures by highly reputed scholars and directors of the main international bodies, such as the Inter-American Commission, the Inter-American Court, and the United Nations system. Also, WCL gave me the opportunity to meet a stunning international community of students with which I share the same interests and concerns. As a personal and professional experience, the LLM program in the ILSP has been a highlight and a turning point in my life.

Vladislav Mihalcik Hi! My name is Vladislav Michalcik and I grew up in the Czech Republic where I graduated with a degree in law and legal science at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University in 2002. Prior to coming to the ILSP, I worked for four years in research and advocacy organizations in the United States and Germany, focusing on human rights, conflict resolution, and international development. I came to WCL to pursue an advanced degree in International Legal Studies and the ILSP courses have given me what I hoped for. During my studies here I have greatly advanced my knowledge and have gotten practical insights into related issues of rule of law and international legal frameworks. My favorite academic asset of the program is that the classes I took were taught by highly accomplished practitioners who have shared real life knowledge that one cannot find in books or online sources. I have also very much enjoyed being in classes where usually students come from at least three continents, thus providing for a boundless diversity of opinions and experiences. Finally, my studies have helped me to shape up my future career plans as I am planning to work on rule of law, capacity-building, and development programs in international agencies of the European Union and United Nations.

Maheta Molango Hi! My name is Maheta Molango and I am an associate at Baker & McKenzie in Madrid, where I specialize in employment law and immigration matters. I am currently interning at the Inter-American Development Bank's Office of Institutional Integrity where I investigate cases of corruption in projects funded by the IDB. The International Legal Studies Program offers its students an amazing opportunity to interact and network with attorneys from all over the world. In sum, it's been an unforgettable experience!

Tatiana Rodrigues Nascimento Hi! My name is Tatiana Rodrigues Nascimento and I am an associate attorney at Pinheiro Neto advogados, one of the major Brazilian law firms, in preventive and litigation practice in the environmental and civil law areas involving Brazilian and foreign clients. I am currently working as a legal fellow at the Center for International Environmental Law - CIEL, an environmental and human rights NGO in DC. My main area of interest is international environmental law, and I plan to use my LLM year at the International Legal Studies Program to gain further knowledge and experience toward helping Brazilians and international environmental entities.

Jiaxi Wang Hi! My name is Jiaxi Wang and I focus on international business law. WCL offers many interesting international business related courses. In the future, I hope to be a corporate lawyer, either in the US or back to my home country.

I am really glad that I study at the International Legal Studies Program. I enjoy the classes very much. The professors here are excellent. They give very clear and well prepared lectures. Guest speakers from governments, organizations, and other universities come and lecture now and then, which really give a broader view on this subject. I also like diversified events at WCL. If you specialize in human rights, especially women's rights, WCL is the ideal place for you.