LL.M./MBA Dual Degree

ILSP Students at the Annual Embassy Networking Reception

We are pleased to offer the dual LL.M./MBA degree program with the Kogod School of Business. As the first LL.M./MBA dual degree program to be offered in the United States, the Washington College of Law and the Kogod School of Business offer an exciting opportunity for students to study law and business on a global level. This two year program offers students the unique opportunity to earn a LL.M. degree from WCL and a MBA from Kogod. The LL.M./MBA dual degree program works to prepare students to be effective international lawyers and responsible business leaders in today's global world.

Application Instructions

Students applying to the LL.M./MBA program are not required to take the GMAT or LSAT exam.

Dual LL.M./MBA program applicants will first apply to the LL.M. in International Legal Studies and indicate in the statement of purpose their interest in applying to the dual LL.M./MBA degree. Admission to either the LL.M. in International Legal Studies or the MBA program does not guarantee admission to the other.

New Applicants to American University
Applicants considering the LL.M./MBA are encouraged to apply to both programs during the same application term. Applicants to the LL.M./MBA program must first receive admission from WCL before being considered for admission to Kogod. After admission to WCL, applicants should complete the Kogod online application form and request that WCL forward their remaining application materials to Kogod for review and consideration, including TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Current Degree-Seeking LL.M. Students
Students currently enrolled in the LL.M. program may apply for admission to the Full-Time MBA program during the first term of study in the LL.M. program. Applicants who begin LL.M. study in the fall term should apply prior to the Round 2 MBA deadline. Applicants who begin LL.M. study in the spring term are encouraged to apply prior to the Round 3 MBA deadline

Due to fall exclusive enrollment for the MBA program, students admitted to the LL.M. program for the fall term should plan to begin their studies in the MBA program. Upon completion of their MBA credits, students will transition to the LL.M. program. Students admitted to the LL.M. program for the spring term will complete their first semester of studies in the LL.M. program before completing a one-year MBA emersion in the MBA program. Upon completion of their MBA credits, students will return to the LL.M. program to finish their remaining LL.M. credits.

Course requirements

LL.M./MBA Contact Information

Hilary Lappin
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
(202) 274-4114

Graduate Admissions Office
Phone: (202) 885-1913
Email: kogodgrad@american.edu


  • 16 credits
  • Two 25 page research papers
  • American Legal Institutions (for civil-law trained lawyers)
  • English for Lawyers (for students who need extra practice with English)


  • 33 credits
  • Strategic Decision Making Capstone course