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Dear Alumni:


All of us associated with AU WCL - the faculty, staff, students and alumni - are increasingly excited about the impending move to the new Tenley Campus. This is particularly true for the International Legal Studies Program. For the first time, many of the international-related programs and projects will be located in one convenient “international center."  The international center will provide a place for LLM, JD, and SJD's to meet with many of the faculty and staff that make AU WCL such an exciting place to study international law. Those international programs, like the Human Rights Academy and War Crimes Research Office, that are too big to fit in the international center will be housed with other programs, all of which will be interconnected in the three-building campus. 

The international student experience will be enhanced by the wealth of facilities in the new campus.  We will have a cafeteria, an international student’s lounge, and a ‘café’ for more informal gatherings. The new conference center will allow us to continue to host leading international activities at the law school, including an expansion of our annual Embassy Reception to include all students and alumni interested in the pursuit of a global legal career. I am also hopeful that the outdoor part of the campus will be the home of many soccer “friendlies” for our students from around the world.

We are thrilled to announce that U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will join us for this memorable occasion. This opportunity has led us to move the ribbon cutting ceremony, which will officially open our new law school campus, to Friday, February 12, 2016, at 2 p.m. As a law school founded by women, having Justice Ginsburg’s participation in the official celebration will make the day all the more momentous for our entire community. Additional events are being planned for alumni and friends as part of the celebration weekend, including an international alumni dinner set for Saturday, February 13, 2016. We also welcome suggestions and ideas from you on how the new campus can enhance the experience and careers of ILSP alumni.

With your active participation, support, and ideas, our new Tenley Campus will reflect the global nature of the AU WCL community and our commitment, as well as yours, to the international pursuit of human dignity and the rule of law, now and for years to come. To make a gift in support of our permanent and lasting home, please contact Khadijah Al-Amin-El at

Warm regards,

David Hunter

Director, International Legal Studies Program



Since its inception in 1982, over 3,500 attorneys from around the world have graduated from the International Legal Studies Program. Over the years, ILSP alumni have formed an international network of legal practitioners. Our graduates have pursued careers in prominent law firms and international organizations. Many have established their own firms and non-governmental organizations or are employed as government officials, judges and legal educators in their home countries and elsewhere in the world.

Effective international legal practitioners must continue to learn and develop throughout their careers. The Washington College of Law and the International Legal Studies Program are committed to assisting our alumni with this process, providing opportunities for lifelong legal education. We offer our alumni a variety of ways to maintain and strengthen ties with each other after graduation, to actively participate in discussions about developments in international law, and to further develop a strong legal network that spans the globe.


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