Ayala Corao Case

In September 2005, through the impact litigation initiative, the legal team prepared a draft of a petition on behalf of Mr. Carlos Ayala, former IACHR President and current human rights activist.

Mr. Ayala was irregularly summoned by the Public Prosecutors Office for an alleged intervention in the 2002 coup d' etat in Venezuela, without any evidence to the truth of such allegations. The evidence provided by Mr. Ayala's lawyers was unfoundedly dismissed and the respective authorities' public claims suggested an absolute lack of impartiality on the part of the prosecutor and the judiciary. Following the outcry and support of several sectors of civil society and even Ombudspersons around the world, the state has not prosecuted him for now. The Project's draft petition has not been submitted to the IACHR although the investigation remains open and Mr. Ayala has not been acquitted.