Andrew F. Popper, Director

Professor Andrew F. Popper is the director of the Integrated Curriculum Program. He teaches torts, administrative law, and seminars in government litigation and advanced administrative law. His previous academic appointment was as the first incumbent to the MCLA Chair, University of Denver College of Law.

He is the liaison to the ABA Section of Administrative Law for the Administrative Law Review and Chair of the ALR faculty board. He has received the ABA’s Robert B. McKay Award for Excellence and several university awards for outstanding academic contributions. He was chair of the Administrative Law Section of the Federal Bar Association and Vice Chair of the ABA Committee on Government Relations, Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. He serves as an accreditation site visitor for the ABA and AALS and has participated in the review of a dozen different law schools.

Professor Popper is the author of more than 100 published books, articles, papers, and public documents. He has served as a consumer rights advocate, pro bono counsel for the Consumers Union, testified as an expert witness before Congressional committees more than 30 times, and authored number of amicus curiae briefs before the United States Supreme Court. Prior to his career in legal education, he practiced law in Washington DC.