Matt Watts, Sections 3 & 4

2L, Full-Time JD Candidate

Boston College
Class of 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy/Political Science

Courses at WCL
Fall 2011
Civil Procedure—Corr Torts—Wiley
Legal Rhetoric—Fallow

Spring 2012
Constitutional Law- Hutchinson
Property- Clark
International Law- Mendez
Criminal Law- Kittrie Legal Rhetoric- Fallow

Fall 2012
Criminal Procedure- Bair, Barbera
Evidence- Taslitz
Immigration and Naturalization- McConnell
Employment Discrimination- Carle

American University Law Review

Summer 2012: Legal Intern; United States Department of Commerce, Office of the General Counsel, Employment and labor Law Division

October 2010-August 2011: Paralegal; The Law Offices of Iannella and Mummulo, Boston, MA

Best Advice for Law School
1. Remember to maintain some life outside of law school. The work can pile up really quickly, and it will demand a lot of your time, but make sure you take some time for yourself. Explore DC, go for a run, try a new recipe, go out with your friends, do SOMETHING to keep you grounded—you’ll be happier here and more productive in the long run. 2. Don’t let your classmates psych you out. You’ll have enough on your plate without worrying about what everyone else is doing. Instead of stressing out about how many hours your friends have been in the library, focus on learning the material in your own way and develop study habits that work for you.