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Welcome to the Integrated Curriculum!

In fall 1999, the Washington College of Law began an integrated curriculum program focused on first-year courses designed to highlight the interdependent nature of the curriculum and the practice of law. The program supports the following activity: team-teaching; sectional commons; panels presented by deans fellows; faculty panels; peer mentoring; special substantive programs in diverse fields including:

  • international law jurisprudence
  • legal history
  • intellectual property
  • law & economics
  • client counseling
  • strategic planning
  • conflict of interest
  • ethical issues
  • introduction to the admin or regulatory state
  • interest group representation
  • case theory

The goal of these activities is to teach various materials in a transcurricular manner to underscore the reality that legal problems do not fit into finite and bounded categories prescribed by first-year doctrinal courses.

The integrated curricular program presents 65-70 events over the course of the academic year each designed to demonstrate how resolution of even the most basic client problem requires a transcurricular and multidisciplinary approach.

At the heart of the integrated curriculum program is a dean's fellow cohort of up to eight upper-level students who devote the academic year to program development and various types of student interactions. Pedagogically, the core of the program entails faculty collaboration. Regular meetings of faculty help generate new insights into substantive fields and give rise to a fresh dialogue on methodology. Through this dialogue, with the support of the deans fellows, faculty develop unique and challenging ways to present information in their fields rich in content and pertinent to the practice of law. Rather than distance the first year of a legal education from the practice of law, the integrated curricular program embraces what is best and most exciting about the practice of law.