Averell Sutton, Section 3

Full-Time, JD/MBA Candidate

Email: as4158a@student.american.edu

Duke University

Class of 2002

Bachelor of Arts Public Policy

Courses at WCL:

Fall 2009

Civil Procedure, N. Polikoff

Contracts, A. Varona

Torts, D. Hunter

Legal Rhetoric, E. Beske

Spring 2010

Criminal Law,

Property, E. Rosser

Constitutional Law, S. Vladeck

Comparative Law, F. Nicola

Legal Rhetoric, E. Keith

Fall 2010

Criminal Procedure, Bair and Barbara

Federal Personal Income Tax, B. Leff

Business Associations, Effross

Lawyer Bargaining, N. Stein


Business Law Brief, Society for Dispute Resolution, Westlaw Student Representative, Chile Study Abroad Program


Summer 2010, Estudio Cardenas Law Firm, Buenos Aires Argentina

Best Advice on Law School

Three things. One: You only have one job your first year and that is to study and do the best you can. Find one non-law related hobby and do it regularly whether it is going to the gym, learning salsa, etc. Whatever you choose should serve as your release valve from all things law. Two: Do not worry about what others are doing. It does not matter if someone has already briefed all the cases in the entire textbook before the first day of class. Good for that person. You just do what works for you and only worry about yourself. Three: Stay in contact with non-law friends.