About Us

The Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Justice (REG Justice) Project in the Americas aims to involve a new generation of human rights advocates in the formulation and application of a model to address multiple and simultaneous forms of discrimination in the region. We attempt to increase awareness of, and work around, human rights violations that generally remain ignored. It is hoped that by bringing visibility to new issues and players this ini-tiative will serve as a catalyst for proposing remedies, reparation, and relief through vari-ous means, such as individual claims, legislative reform, and policy recommendations.

The Objectives of REG Justice are to work with partner organizations and institutions to:

  • develop a framework spanning theory and practice which incorporates gender perspectives and analyses to be used as a tool to address multiple forms of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination in the Americas

  • formulate plans and strategies for the enforcement of international human rights in-struments through various means, such as policy interventions at the UN and OAS level as well as media mobilization and campaigns

  • facilitate the establishment of multidisciplinary teams and partnerships from differ-ent countries in the Americas that would bring in a wide range of perspectives into dis-cussions around issues of race, ethnicity and gender in the context of human rights work

  • explore the implementation of this theoretical framework in various countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and the possibility of bringing cases to regional or in-ternational human rights mechanisms; proposing and lobbying for specific law reforms- regionally and nationally-and developing policy recommendations.