Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Washington, DC • May 27 to June 13, 2014

Our program will enable you to:

• Prepare yourself to contribute to the human rights field
• Choose from 19 courses, 10 in English and 9 in Spanish
• Build relationships with colleagues from around the world
• Establish connections with faculty from around the world
• Attend special events in Washington, DC
• Earn Academic or CLE credits, a Certificate of Attendance or a Diploma

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Important Dates:

Application Opens
December 1, 2013

Application Review Begins

January 1, 2014

Application Deadline *

May 1, 2014

Course Fees Due

May 16, 2014


May 26, 2014

Classes Begin

May 27, 2014

Classes End

June 13, 2014

Exam Period

June 14 - July 9

*Application fee is $70 however, applications received after this date will be assessed at a fee of $100. After this date, we will only accept applications from individuals who already have a visa or do not need one. If you need a visa, please consult with the embassy in your country to determine if you have sufficient time for your visa to be processed.