Pence Law Library

Pence Law Library is one of the most accessible and innovative academic libraries in the United States. It offers an in-house collection of almost one-half million volumes, plus access to a vast amount of information in digital format. Pence Law Library also contains European Union and U.S. government depositories, the Baxter Collection in International Law, the Goodman Collection of Rare and Semi-Rare Law Books, and the archives of the Administrative Conference of the United States and the National Bankruptcy Review Commission.

It is also the host library for the National Equal Justice Library, which serves as an archive, museum, and functional library of publications focusing on legal aid. Electronic resources include unlimited access to Westlaw and Lexis, and other on- and off-line databases at no charge.

While enrolled at the Academy, students have access to the library, including borrowing privileges and use of Lexis and Westlaw. Access to Lexis and Westlaw requires mandatory attendance at an orientation session.

Computer Facilities

A computer lab is provided at the law school on the second floor of Pence Law Library. In addition, if you have your own computer, you may plug it into one of the mounted data jacks in library carrels and tables to gain access to every network, database, and other electronic resources that the law school offers.

Use of American University Facilities

Participants of the Academy that stay in the American University Residence halls will be issued an American University Conference Card. This card gives access to the American University facilities such as the library and the fitness center. Students not staying at the residence halls will be issued a Conference card that will only give them access to the university shuttle and parking. However, Washington College of Law facilities are available for use for all participants.



Transportation & Parking

Parking is available in the law school underground parking deck. All students with cars must park in these facilities. A parking permit can be purchased in the Facilities office.

The closest metro stop is Tenleytown-AU on the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove. AU provides a free shuttle service from the metro to AU Main Campus and WCL. The WCL shuttle picks up at the corner accross from the side where you exit the metro. The shuttle to main campus picks up on the corner where you exit the metro.

The WCL shuttle runs at at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. Shuttle bus information is available at 202-885-3111 or at

Metro provides information on specific routes and timetables for its public buses and subways. Contact them at 202-637-7000 or online at

Most banks will not cash foreign checks unless you have an account with the local branch of the bank. These often require four to six weeks for funds to become available. We strongly suggest that you bring a debit card in order to have access to funds during the program.



Receiving Mail and Faxes

Personal mail can be received at the Academy's address. Please make sure the mail is addressed according to the following format:

Participant's Name
American University Washington College of Law,
Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8181

All incoming mail and faxes can be picked up at our office. Faxes can be sent to the Academy's office at 202-274-4198. Please make sure the sender clearly marks the fax with your name to ensure that you receive it.