Chapter III Resolutions on Individual Cases
Annual Report 1979-1980


The Commission held its 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th sessions during the period covered by the present report, with a large number of cases having been opened on alleged violations of human rights that are upheld in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man and in the American Convention on Human Rights.

Under the provisions of the Statute in force at that time, the Commission considers that in its present annual report to the General Assembly, it is appropriate for it to make observations only on those cases that were processed and examined during the time-period covered by the report and in which human rights were proven to have been violated; it had also made pertinent recommendations to the governments against which the denunciations were directed, in application of the provisions of the corresponding articles of the Regulations then in effect.

As a result, the Commission is submitting to the General Assembly of the Organization those observations it considers to be appropriate on the cases that meet the requirements for publication.

To this end, the Resolutions published below are listed according to the date on which they were adopted by the Commission.

Argentina: Case 2088A 18/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2088B 19/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2155 20/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2209 21/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2266 22/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2484 27/78 Citation/Full Text
Argentina: Case 2553 31/78 Citation/Full Text
Panama: Case 2509 38/79 Citation/Full Text
Panama: Case 2777 40/79 Citation/Full Text
Argentina Case 3358 12/80 Citation/Full Text
Argentina Case 2127 14/80 Citation/Full Text