Communications being processed

During its two sessions in 1973 the Commission examined 35 cases pertaining to the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, and Uruguay.

A brief summary is presented below in relation to the processing and decisions adopted regarding each of the aforementioned communications. It should be noted that the claimants, not the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, are responsible for the classification of acts indicated at the beginning of such summaries (arbitrary arrest, murder, torture, etc.). The Commission is not passing judgment on such allegations and is not requesting any statement regarding any of them, in as much as it has not yet considered the merits of some and has decided to file others without further action because the alleged violations was not proved, because the national authorities had adopted measures for ending the violation or for restoring the violated right or rights, or, finally, because claims were, in accordance with Article 39.d of the Regulations, declared inadmissible in that the events or situations referred to bore no relation to a disregard of human rights by the government against which the communication was directed.

1. Argentina: (Case 1745) Citation/Full Text
2. Brazil: (Case 1740) Citation/Full Text
3. Brazil: (Case 1746) Citation/Full Text
4. Bolivia: (Case 1735) Citation/Full Text
5. Bolivia: (Case 1757) Citation/Full Text
6. Colombia: (Case 1690) Citation/Full Text
7. Colombia: (Case 1749) Citation/Full Text
8. Cuba: (Case 1732) Citation/Full Text
9. Cuba: (Case 1737) Citation/Full Text
10. Cuba: (Case 1742) Citation/Full Text
11. Chile: (Case 1689) Citation/Full Text
12. Chile: (Case 1735) Citation/Full Text
13. Chile: (Case 1738) Citation/Full Text
14. Ecuador: (Case 1696) Citation/Full Text
15. United States of America: (Case 1751) Citation/Full Text
16. United States of America: (Case 1752) Citation/Full Text
17. Guatemala: (Case 1702) Citation/Full Text
18. Guatemala: (Case 1748) Citation/Full Text
19. Guatemala: (Case 1755) Citation/Full Text
20. Honduras: (Case 1736) Citation/Full Text
21. Uruguay: (Case 1744) Citation/Full Text