Section II Part III


  1. Communications received in 1972

    As indicated in Part III of Section I of this report, in 1972, in addition to informational communications, the Commission considered fifty-two (52) communications and complaints pertaining to 28 specific cases of alleged violations of human rights in American states.

  2. Communications being processed

    During its 1972 sessions the Commission also examined 47 communications relating to 22 specific cases on which decisions were pending. The cases pertain to the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay and the United States.

A brief summary is presented below in relation to the processing and decisions adopted regarding each of the aforesaid communications. It should be noted that the petitioners and not the Commission are responsible for the classification of facts indicated at the beginning of such summaries (arbitrary arrest, murder, torture, etc.). The Commission is not passing on the merits of such allegations and is not requesting any statement regarding any of them, inasmuch as it has not yet considered their merits.

1. Argentina: (Case No.1701) Citation /Full Text
2. Argentina: (Case No. 1715) Citation /Full Text
3. Brazil: (Case No. 1697) Citation /Full Text
4. Brazil: (Case No. 1684) Citation /Full Text
5. Brazil: (Case No. 1683) Citation /Full Text
6. Colombia: (Case No. 1690) Citation /Full Text
7. Cuba: (Communication No. 1604) Citation /Full Text
8. Cuba: (Communication No. 1721)

Citation /Full Text

9. Cuba: (Communication No. 1726) Citation /Full Text
10. Cuba: (Communication No. 1732) Citation /Full Text
11. Chile: (Communication No. 1689) Citation /Full Text
12. Chile: (Case No. 1735) Citation /Full Text
13. Ecuador: (Case No. 1696) Citation /Full Text
14. El Salvador: (Case No. 1693) Citation /Full Text
15. El Salvador: (Case No. 1727) Citation /Full Text
16. United States of America (Case No. 1705) Citation /Full Text
17. Guatemala: (Communication No. 1702) Citation /Full Text
18. Haiti: (Communication No. 1716) Citation /Full Text
19. Haiti: (Communication No. 1731) Citation /Full Text
20. Nicaragua: (Case No. 1641) Citation /Full Text
21. Nicaragua: (Case No. 1688) Citation /Full Text
22. Dominican Republic: (Case No. 1724) Citation /Full Text