Communications and complaints received in 1971

In 1971 the Commission received 85 communications or complaints from persons and entities denouncing specific cases of violations of the human rights set forth in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man. It also received communications of a general and informational nature on the situation regarding these rights in several American countries.

In accordance with its Statute and Regulations, the Commission gave appropriate handling to all communications in which specific cases of violations of human rights were alleged.

At the outset, it declared inadmissible those communications that were not related to disrespect for human rights on the part of the government against which they were directed, or because they were incompatible with the provisions of its Statutes or Regulations, or obviously unfounded, as provided in Article 39 paragraphs c) and d) of the Regulations. It also declared inadmissible communications in which all internal remedies of the states concerned had not been exhausted, as prescribed in Article 54 of the Regulations. In other cases members of the Commission were appointed as rapporteurs to make a study of the complaint or complaints admitted, with the request that they present reports with the approprite recommendations.

In other cases in which the communications did not meet the normal requirements established by Article 33 of the Regulations, or when the interested partes did not provide information on whether they had exhausted all internal remedies of the state against which the complaint was made, pursuant to Article 54 of the Regulations, the Commission decided to postpone their examination until the interested parties completed them in the manner requested by the Secretariat, which was authorized to file the dossiers if the supplementary information had not been received within a reasonable period.

With respect to communications that met the requirements established in the Regulations or were duly completed by the interested parties, or regarding which the rapporteurs appointed made recommendations to this effect, the Commission, under the power conferred upon it by Articles 9 and 9 (bis) of its Statute, requested the respective governments to provide the information they considered appropriate regarding the acts denounced, enclosing in each case the pertinent parts of the complaints as prescribed in Articles 42 and 44 of the Regulations. The Commission addressed specific requests to the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti and Nicaragua. With the exception of the Governments of Chile, El Salvador and Guatemala, the governments responded to these requests providing the information sought.

2. Communications being processed

During 1971, at its two regular sessions (Twenty-fifth, March 1-12, and Twenty-sixth, October 27-November 4), the Commission also studied communications or complaints from previous sessions that, having been processed as prescribed in the Regulations, were still pending decision. In particular, the Commission studied 88 communications pertaining to 24 specific cases of alleged violations of human rights in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and the United States.

The following is a summary of the cases being processed:

1.Argentina (Communication No. 1686) - Citation / Full Text
2. Argentina (Communication No. 1701) - Citation / Full Text
3.Brazil(Communication No. 1678)- Citation / Full Text
4. Brazil (Communication No. 1683)- Citation / Full Text
5. Brazil (Communication No. 1684)- Citation / Full Text
6. Brazil (Communication No. 1697)- Citation / Full Text
7. Brazil (Communication No. 1700)- Citation / Full Text
8. Colombia (Communication No. 1690)- Citation / Full Text
9. Chile (Communication No. 1689)- Citation / Full Text
10. Ecuador (Communication No. 1696)- Citation / Full Text
11. El Salvador (Communication No. 1693)- Citation / Full Text
12. United States (Communication No.1705)- Citation / Full Text
13. Guatemala (Communication No. 1702)- Citation / Full Text
14. Haiti (Communication No. 1677)- Citation / Full Text
15. Haiti (Communication No.1711)- Citation / Full Text
16. Nicaragua (Communications Nos. 1463, 1465 and 1470)- Citation / Full Text
17. Nicaragua (Communication No. 1641)- Citation / Full Text
18. Nicaragua (Communication No. 1687) - Citation / Full Text
19. Nicaragua (Communication No. 1688)- Citation / Full Text
20. Nicaragua (Communication No.1699)- Citation / Full Text
21. Paraguay (Communication No.1601)- Citation / Full Text
22. Paraguay (Communication No. 1631)- Citation / Full Text
23. Paraguay (Communication No. 1706)- Citation / Full Text
24. Dominican Republic (Communications Nos. 1526 and 1545)- Citation / Full Text